Respectful Parenting
An eye-opening read to give you a new perspective on parenting
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This book is a great starting point for any parent looking to understand the Respectful Parenting approach, with easy-to-implement strategies with their children from 0 to 7 years of age. 

The insights and tools in this book - along with real-life examples from parents - will support you in:

  • Understanding temper tantrums
  • Managing bedtime routines 
  • Establishing and maintaining realistic rules and expectations 
  • Developing decision-making skills and independence in your child 
  • Building a solid relationship with your child based on love and mutual respect 

You'll learn how to use the C.A.R.E pillar to connect with your child in a respectful and responsible manner and parent in powerfully positive and life-changing ways.


Product Details: 

Format: Paperback | 102 pages
Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches (A5)
ISBN: 978-981-18-1162-3
Language: English
S$20.00 (excluding $5 shipping & handling fee)

100% of proceeds go to ECF charity initiatives. 
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From the foreword

"I have seen how the principles in this book transform the lives of many families. After reflecting on the philosophies discussed in this book, parents have been positively influenced to transform their parenting approach, and they have been astonished at the changes in their lives as they start seeing their children in a whole new light and re-connecting with them in a more fulfilling way. As a mother and grandmother, I have also personally experienced how Respectful Parenting has had an incredibly powerful impact on my family. I sincerely hope this book will help parents, grandparents and those who care about children’s wellbeing."

Ng Gim Choo
Founder and Director
EtonHouse Community Fund

What is Respectful Parenting?

All children love birthday parties... Or do they?
Watch on to find out what 5-year-old Noah really wants for his birthday.
We hope this little story invites you to embark on a Respectful Parenting journey.

Respectful Parenting is an approach in which children - even the youngest of infants - are treated and communicated with respect in all situations, as opposed to an approach based on power-control and discipline.  

It’s about acknowledging your child as a unique individual, but it’s also about understanding and respecting your role as a parent, so that you and your child can establish mutual expectations based on effective choices and decision making.  

Respectful parenting empowers us to build a positive relationship with our children, one that will see us through their adult years and beyond.

What does it translate into for parents and what does it look like when it comes to parenting and real-life interactions with children? We’ve put together a book to guide you on your parenting journey.